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Executive Director

Connecticut Coalition of Taft-Hartley Health Funds, Inc

in Hartford, CT



The Executive Director of The Connecticut Coalition of Taft-Hartley Health Funds, Inc. or “Coalition” will be retiring at the end of 2017, and the Coalition is conducting a search to fill that position.  A starting date in September or October of 2017 would be optimal so that the newly-hired Executive Director will have the ability to consult with the current Executive Director for a period of time.    
Position Responsibilities:
The Executive Director serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Coalition and is responsible for the mission and day-to-day operations of the Coalition.  A partial description of the Executive Director's duties include:

  • Attending and providing reports at the Coalition:  (i) monthly membership meetings, (ii) quarterly Executive Board meetings, and (iii) annual meeting.
  • Negotiating, preparing and implementing Coalition-approved contracts for adoption by member funds  - whether initial contracts or renewals; conducting requests for proposals for new vendors (current Coalition-approved contracts with independent vendors include medical PPO network, prescription drug benefits, dental benefits and vision benefits).
  • Actively recruiting new member funds and securing increased participation from existing member funds.
  • Participating in state and federal health care reform initiatives, as well as state or federal legislation which could impact group health plans.
  • Handling all aspects of the Coalition's operations, including staffing, office space, and securing preparation of a financial statement, applicable Coalition reports, and required governmental filings.
  • Assessing and collecting all applicable Coalition fees and dues; maintaining all necessary records of the Coalition.
  • Responding in a timely manner to all inquiries of member funds and approved vendors, working with Coalition professionals as necessary.
  • Attending and coordinating all Coalition sponsored events, including all meetings and its annual charity golf tournament.

The Executive Director reports to, and is under the immediate supervision of, the Coalition's Executive Board, which is comprised of elected administrators and management and labor representatives of the respective member funds.
Background, Experience and Abilities:
The successful candidate will have strong people and management skills, strategic agility, and the highest integrity and ethics.  Bachelor's degree and significant work experience strongly preferred.  Expertise will be required in both: (a) all aspects of the administration of group health plans (whether through an insurer, third party administrator, or employment with a group health plan), and (b) negotiating health network and provider / professional contracts.   Experience in growing an organization's membership is very important, along with outstanding leadership attributes and excellent communication skills.
This position offers the opportunity to provide overall leadership in an established non-profit organization which promotes financially sound group health plans. The Executive Director will be a strategic leader who facilitates all facets of the Coalition's operations in a collaborative way with the representatives of the member funds and the Coalition's professionals.
To be negotiated; commensurate with experience.
Additional Information about the Coalition:

  • Background:  The Coalition is a non-stock membership corporation under Connecticut law, and it is operated on a “not-for-profit” basis.  The Coalition was incorporated in June of 1992, and the Internal Revenue Service has confirmed that it is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(6) (business league) of the Internal Revenue Code.  In general, the Coalition's members are tax-exempt, multiemployer health and welfare funds  - known as “member funds”  - which are governed by various federal laws, including ERISA, the IRC and the Taft-Hartley Act.  Each of these Coalition member funds has an affiliation with a specific labor union, and each is normally tax-exempt under IRC §501(c)(9) as a voluntary employees' beneficiary association.
  • Mission Statement:  The Coalition's mission is to ensure the long-term survival of its member funds by using their combined strengths to secure for the working people who participate in such benefit funds, and their families, the best possible health care at the lowest practical cost. To accomplish this mission, the Coalition seeks to preserve the important role that labor and management, acting together through these benefit funds, have played in setting the standard for health benefits for working people.

How to Apply

Send cover letter, résumé and three (3) references before 5:00 p.m. EDT on Friday, June 30, 2017 (subject to extension, in the Coalition's discretion) via mail or email or fax:

U.S. Post Office to:      

Douglas K. Knight, Esq.
Coalition Legal Counsel
Reid and Riege, P.C.
One Financial Plaza, 21st Floor
Hartford, CT  06103

OR  E-mail to:    

OR  Fax (860) 240-1002

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