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Senior Pension Administrator - Combo DB/DC Plans

Primark Benefits


  • We’re looking for someone with experience in DB/DC combo plans. 
  • We’re looking for someone with motivation.
  • We’re looking for someone with a PASSION for Retirement. 
  • We’re Primark Benefits, and we’re looking for YOU!

Primark Benefits has a solid reputation for providing complete administration, recordkeeping, compliance and consulting services for all types of employee benefit and retirement plans.

Telecommuting Opportunity

Rather than writing a boring list of responsibilities and requirements, we assume, if you're a passionate, successful Senior Pension Administrator, you know what that title encompasses. Chances are, you're employed by one of our competitors, have been there a long time, and aren't necessarily looking for a new job.  So the question is, why would you want to leave them and come to work for us?  What's in it for YOU?

First of all, we're different from our competition. Our approach is different. How we feel about our staff is different.  We want our valued team members to be cross-trained in a variety of areas.  At Primark Benefits, our professionals are groomed to be one part ERISA expert, one part employment lawyer, one part investment advisor, one part tax advisor, one part computer expert, one part payroll expert, one part communications expert, and more.

At the end of the day, you'll know a LOT about retirement planning.  When someone calls you, they're getting the right answer at the right time.   Our clients and referral sources appreciate the fact that when they call with a question, they're able to have a real dialog - NOT a "yes" or "no" answer.  Our employees dig in to find out what the challenge is, and how we can solve it.    

We think it's a darn shame that we find so many retirement plans are out of compliance, and not run in the best interest of the participants.  We want to fix those plans, and get them approved by the IRS and Dept. of Labor, if needed.  Our company culture values ethics, and we want things on the up-and-up.  Whether it's a line worker, a mid-level employee, an executive, or the owner - we want that employee to confidently redirect the money they would have paid for taxes, and instead direct it toward their retirement savings.

We're trying to match the best solution to the problem at hand.  We feel that employers are not given enough choices when it comes to the available retirement programs.  We are distressed when other providers say "the answer is always a safe harbor 401(k) plan."  Because we're not selling a commoditized product, we will find the best way to fill a need.  Perhaps it is a smaller client that should look at plans that are IRA-based, or someone that needs a 401(k)/profit-sharing combo, or a pension plan, or a cash balance plan.  Or maybe it's an ESOPs, executive compensation, or a not-for-profit plan such as a 403(b), or a 457.  Any or all of those may be appropriate for our particular client, large and small.

We've created a reputation for being the experts in our community - not just knowledgeable, but service-oriented and extremely responsive.  Further, we're known as the "go to place" when you have a plan in trouble.  In fact, we help write the rules for the forgiveness programs for the government.

And finally, we take training seriously.  All of our experienced pension administrators have ASPPA designations, or, with our help, they're in the process of obtaining them.  Yes, we'll spend the money to ensure that you're trained to be an excellent service provider - an expert in our field.  One of our owners serves on the board of NIPA, the other is a former ASPPA president.  We believe in our industry’s future. 

That's how passionate we are.  Maybe you are, too.  

How to Apply

Got the right stuff?   If so, we want to hear from you.  

Check out our website at, and then send us your resume to:  Let's see if we have a match.

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